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Jodhpur Garden Banquet Hall has been one of the most highly recommended special occasion facilities in the Ajmer Road area for many years. Conveniently located in heart of the city with ample parking area and valet parking facility, we are the perfect venue to host events for those with guests coming from all directions of Jaipur.

At Jodhpur Garden Banquet Hall, our goal is to make each event a wonderful success. Our experienced staff will ensure that your special occasion turns out exactly the way you have planned. Our establishment has been voted the Number One facility to host your event in the area by the customers for the past 10 years. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, reunion or any other occasion, you should consider Jodhpur Garden Banquet Hall as the setting for your everlasting memories.

Venue Special Offers

Occasions like anniversaries, weddings and reunions call for special event venues. There's no need to spend money creating atmosphere at special event venues, it's built right in! From adventures at sea to state park pavilions, these special event venue locations simplify your search for something new, something memorable and something within your reach.


Wedding Planning Tips

While you don’t have to set a firm date now, it’s smart to have an idea of what month or season you want to marry in. Then you’ll know how long you have to get things organized. Because your wedding’s size determines where you’ll hold the party.